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2017-2018 Father’s Walk

Sep 21, 2017 | School Images / Videos

September 20, 2017 Fathers across Cuyahoga County walked their children to school. At Green Inspiration Academy we had over 50 Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles and Brothers walk their child to school and enjoy breakfast with them. It was an amazing turn out and we thank all those that took part in the Father’s Walk.

Fathers walked hand-in-hand with students into he Green Inspiration Academy on September 20, 2017 in the annual “Fathers Walk.”

Fathers Walk is an annual event spearheaded by the Healthy Fathering Collaborative of Cuyahoga County. Various public, private and charter schools throughout the county held walks.

Dads and mentors who participated took the following pledge:

*    I am responsible for the education of my child.
*    I will encourage all children to do their best every day at school.
*    I will speak to my child about the value of learning and the importance of reaching your potential.
*    I will help with school work and review assignments for completion.
*    I will praise my child when he/she does well in school.
*    I will speak with my child’s teachers and support them in educating my child.
*    I will teach my child the value of education and the value of family.
*    I will work with my child’s mother or guardian to achieve the best academic and social outcomes for my child even if I do not live with my child.

Green Inspiration is so proud of our Awesome Fathers!!