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Green Inspiration Academy Mission

Our Mission


The Green Inspiration Academy mission is to develop environmentally aware students who achieve literacy, mathematical excellence, technology and analytical thinking by understanding and appreciating how the environment operates by these same principals.

The GIA Board of Directors works to ensure that the School focuses on green environment and healthy lifestyles for all students and further ensures that staff incorporates these concepts into the curriculum and instruction.

schoolThe vision of GIA Board of Directors is to help increase student literacy at GIA to at least 85 percent through early intervention inspired by a green, environmental friendly atmosphere while administering a rigorous curriculum.

The Green Inspiration School believes that all students can benefit from and achieve success in an educational community where:

  • Students are enthusiastic about learning and enjoy school;
  • Students’ natural curiosity is fostered through their active participation in the educational process, school culture, environment and community;
  • The needs of the whole student-intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and ethical, are addressed through environmental awareness and preservation as well as a balanced educational program; and,

The Board Directors, Parents and Staff provide multiple avenues for students to succeed in safe, physically stimulating, and nurturing environments.