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Chores for Mental Health!

Sep 24, 2020 | General

Doing chores is a great way to positively impact your kids and their self-esteem. Chores teach kids the value of responsibility, pitching in, competence and being part of a team. Any age child can do a chore or more.  At GIA, we strongly encourage students to take a break from the computer screens and cell phones. Parents can partner with us by ensuring that their children focus on activities that serve physical and mental wellness. Chores are a win-win! They help the household and the student. 

Supervision is encouraged — depending on their age and practice with the chore, as well as your desired outcome! Participation over perfection… for the littles, anyway. Here are some chore ideas for K-8 GIA dragons:

  • Cleaning up their bedroom and other rooms in the house 
  • Helping to set and clear the table
  • Caring for pets 
  • Watering plants
  • Sorting, folding and/or putting away laundry 
  • Helping to prepare meals
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Taking out trash and recycling

Chores can be fun, too. Some families like to turn up the music and dance their way through chores. Others use a timer and everyone runs around cleaning as fast as they can in the time allowed. Maybe you can make the laundry basket into friendly competition for who can get the most clothes in the basket. Working together on chores can create time to talk and really connect about what is happening right now — with school, friends and the world around us. 

Some kids need the visual reminder of chores. Creating a chore chart together and crossing off as you go can be motivating. There are  apps to help you track their chores, too. There is a debate about tying chores to allowance. We’ll let the experts weigh in on that. 

No matter your students’ age, positive reinforcement is always a good idea. Let them know they’re helping you and they’re an important part of the family team!  

We’re your GO Partner! 

GIA is committed to partnering with our parents and families to provide our students with a continuation of their education no matter the circumstances. During this difficult time, we support you more than ever. We will not overwhelm our students or families. 

About Green Inspiration Academy 

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