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Education for Green Jobs

Jun 6, 2013 | General

With all of the new emphasis of politicians and economists alike on the importance of finding new employment for the up and coming generation of workers across the world, new industries must be vetted thoroughly in order to determine their potential for providing work for new employees along with their overall benefit to society.

The “green job market” is among one of the most wide open markets when it comes to potential employment as well as potential future benefit to society. The cultivation of new energy sources for the world in the decline of the oil and coal eras is of the utmost importance to civilized society and will require a great deal of human ingenuity as well as blue collar labor to harness effectively.

With this is mind, many communities have actually begun programs to educate children in these new industries from a very early age, enabling them to understand the full range of potential that the industry currently has as well as the knowledge base so far that previous research has told society about these new energy sources. Known as “green schools,” their initial success is prompting more and more communities to gear at least a part of their curriculum specifically towards the education of children for these types of jobs.

Green Orientation

The start of green education must begin with a cultivation of the attitude of the student towards green activity. They must be taught exactly what green energy is, why it is the wave of the future as well as the political and economical boundaries that they will face when attempting to implement it into a society that is not quite ready to give up its old energy sources of coal, oil and natural gas.

Children are taught at a very early age the importance of recycling and energy conservation. They are given habits that will encourage them in their ability to effectively find new uses for the energy that they have already cultivated as well as finding new solutions for when they need new energy in their every day lives.

Green Job Opportunities

Green job opportunities are only expanding and encompass absolutely every discipline known to man. From scientists to perform the tests for new energy sources to the marketing reps that will have to get the word out to the general public to the content creators that will create the entertainment around the ads, green jobs are much more than just the stereotypical yuppie protestor. There are, however, higher level jobs with that sort of a political purpose: Green companies are looking for lawyers and social scientists to perform as lobbyists for their agenda to local, state and federal government.

A Green School for Your Child

With opportunities in the green industry being created in the exact opposite direction of the shrinking job markets in old industries, a green school may be the perfect way to start your child off on the right foot with plenty of choices. On top of this, your child will learn how to be a better person, conserving the energy of Mother Earth and learning to pay attention to the resources that are consumed.