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Extended Day and Enrichment Programs

Sep 23, 2021 | General

FY 21- 2021Green Inspiration Academy Extended Day and Enrichment Programs

We know that kids learn when they are engaged when they are curious, active, and exploring. 

At Green, we have taken a big step forward in imagining an expanded learning strategy. Rebalancing academics with enrichment, we have spent over $700,000 in Federal relief funds to re-engage our young scholars and address their emotional needs and catch up on missed academic skills.   Here are the daily  programs our children are experiencing with help from teachers and community vendors: 

Young Explorers- Hands-on science and engineering activities.

Math Enrichment- Fun and multicultural math topics with hands-on activities.

Spanish:  Students are celebrating the Hispanic culture and learning to speak Spanish in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

Green Honors:  Students will utilize leadership and interpersonal skills and to enhance strategic thinking and basic reading, writing, and math skills.

Daybreak Yoga: Students are learning and developing a mindfulness practice as well as participating in the physical activity of Yoga.

Project Coping Box: Students are building self-confidence and learn to navigate emotions of loneliness, stress, anxiety, anger, and more due to social isolation brought on by COVID-19.

Progress with Chess: Beginning students are learning the rules and moves of the pieces. More advanced players will explore tactics, checkmate patterns, openings, and endgame strategies.

Wild Thymez Cooking: Kids are making fun and healthy dishes and engaging in conversations about nutrition and health.  

Choir:  Students are developing an appreciation of music through instruction and performance.

Groundwork’s Dance: Students are learning self-discovery, creativity, and the increased ability to focus along with increases in body-awareness and control. 

Winston Consulting Physical Fitness: Licensed Social Workers – Using a blend of competitive games, physical activity exercises, and activities of logic and skill students will learn to work together while supporting differences.Winston Consulting “Expression Through Creativity.” Licensed Social Workers will identify and recognize their strengths, qualities, and talents by utilizing self-expression activities, guest speakers, creative writing, and art therapy techniques.

Computer Technology: Students are learning about the parts of a PC, coding, CAD, and 3D printing.

Girl Scouts: Girls are building confidence and developing leadership skills by joining the official Girl Scout Troops.

Excel Soccer: Students visit an indoor soccer field across from the school.  They are learning soccer fundamentals and teamwork skills.