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Green Inspiration Academy Extended Learning Plan 2021-2023

Apr 6, 2021 | Announcements, General, The 2021-2023 Extended Learning Plan !

Update: April, 2021

Dear Green Inspiration Academy Families,

The Green Inspiration Academy Is Moving Forward! Beginning August-2021, GIA will kick off plans for an Extended Learning to address gaps in unfinished learning and to fully address our academic and social needs. Our “extended day” will provide more enrichment activities; clubs workshops and venture projects designed to support knowledge of grade level standards and stimulate student learning in a fun environment. 

We are ready to move forward to give our students a special new year and a new way of thinking about school! GIA mentorships and personal connections are a priority that students and teachers deserve!  We are moving forward towards an awesome 2021-22 school year! Too see our learning plan submitted to the Ohio Department of Education, clink on the link below.