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Green Inspiration Academy: Partner in Education

Jun 25, 2020 | About GIA

At Green Inspiration Academy, we recognize that education and caregiving go hand in hand. We want all of our students to feel comfortable while at school with us, and we work hard to help alleviate stressors that may arise for parents, caregivers, grandparents, guardians and students, outside of school.

With our wrap around caring and individual attention to every student every day – we intentionally serve our community and honor our role in every child’s full life. From our Art teacher to our Principal, from our Secretaries to our aftercare staff – we are all united in our mission to partner with our GIA community families in the education and comfort of our students.

Every adult and staff member within Green Inspiration Academy is here to support our students. We are dedicated and committed to helping our students and families in times of need and in celebrating the wins, too.  

As our Educational Director April Hart said in her open letter to our GIA community in June, “our first priority is to combine affirmation, healing and a sense of safety — both physically and mentally — to our children. African American students and all students, regardless of race, color or creed, will come to know that at Green Inspiration, they never have to stand for dehumanization or abuse of any kind.”

The Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K – 8  located in the Warrensville Heights area. Our program focuses on the importance of health and wellness, provides high-quality education to students, and aims to  strengthen parent-teacher-student relationships every single day.  Come grow with  us at Green Inspiration Academy!