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Home Away From Home

Jul 12, 2022 | General

At Green Inspiration Academy (GIA), we believe in building strong student-guardian-teacher relationships with motivated and dedicated staff. We do this with love and respect while making our school a safe, healthy, inspirational environment- a home away from home.

At our tuition-free public charter school for grades K-8, we provide all the emotional and mental health support our students need, work with the community to provide wraparound services, and provide a free summer school to our enrolled students. These are just some of the ways our GIA family strives for a better child, every day.

Fun in the School and Sun

For those students enrolled in the 2021-2022 school year, we’re offering a free Summer Learning Camp in conjunction with The Scholar House, our before/aftercare provider. This is an opportunity for struggling students to improve their learning while still enjoying summer activities. Many teachers and staff work in the summer, providing services to GIA students so we can continue to be a safe, familiar, caring home away from home for our students.

“The reason that we offered the summer learning camp for the first time was to address unfinished learning from the pandemic. We have many kids that we felt, in our opinion, had fallen behind for many, many reasons, no fault of the parents or the students. And so we wanted to make sure that they had a summer where they could address some of the things that they missed in the classroom, as well as have a little bit of fun while doing it. So we have a morning session which is all academic, and then we have an afternoon session which is just like a summer camp,” said April Hart, Executive Director of GIA.

The camp runs from 9 to 5, and aftercare stays until 6:30. This gives parents an opportunity to leave work and comfortably, safely, take time to pick up their students without the anxiety of meeting a 5 PM cut off.

“Our new slogan is ‘Onward, Upward and Inspired!’ I think this summer school helps us move onward. It keeps the families inspired. It keeps the staff inspired because they’ve all come in and tried to help with the summer school. And it just keeps us moving forward,” said April.

New Kids Welcome To The Family

Character-building, discipline and cultural awareness weave into our curriculum at GIA. One of the many positive results of this is watching how the students treat each other in our Student Ambassador Program.

“We know that when we have new kids we have a whole group of students who are ambassadors and they say, ‘Hey, you are the new kid. We’re going to take you around. We are going to show you things that we like about the school.’ Everyone can let their shoulders down. They can lean back in class and actually listen rather than having to worry about who rolled their eyes, who just said something in the bathroom, and all of those kinds of things. So I think those are the things that make us special,” said April.

Extended Family

Our staff is caring, happy, and motivated. From emotional support to snacks, our team is responsive to and respectful of the full lives of our families and their needs. To fully support our teachers and families, we partner with social services, outside agencies, and social workers to nurture social emotional health for our students, and to strengthen our student-guardian-teacher relationships.

Local wellness organizations such as Progress with Chess, Groundworks Dance and Daybreak Yoga teach our students new tools and activities that reinforce positive behaviors for inside the classroom and beyond school campus. These support services are like extended family members, showing up to provide that extra care and guidance, so everyone is safe.

“These are the little things that we pay detailed attention to, so that we can teach – it allows the kids to relax because they know that we have their back, inside or outside of the classroom.” said April.
We are family at Green Inspiration Academy. Our long-term relationships with teachers, staff, local organizations and families are bonded with a love and respect we think is quite special. As one of Ohio’s top performing tuition-free public K-8 charter schools, we’re proud to support such a beautiful community in the Greater Cleveland area. Would you like school to be a home away from home, too? Join us in our motivated momentum towards a bright future. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Enroll in Green Inspiration Academy today!

About Green Inspiration Academy (GIA)Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K–8 located in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. Our school uplifts the educational experience with a focus on mental and emotional health, unmatched education, and strong parent-teacher-student relationships, every single day. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Join us at Green Inspiration Academy!