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How GIA is Adapting

Sep 2, 2020 | About GIA

We are so thrilled with our Green Inspiration Academy students and families already this school year. What energy and positive spirits they are bringing to our GO! Green Online learning. 

We saw students doing their homework from the moment they returned home from our curriculum pickup. We saw students in their uniforms ready to go for their first Zoom meeting. Parents are asking questions and making sure that their students are learning!

We repeatedly see enthusiasm for school and for learning. And that’s why we are here. We are passionate educators, ready and excited to support our GIA students. 

There have been hiccups this year, just like any other other school year. We don’t have all the laptops we need. We are in a holding pattern like thousands of other schools across the US. But that has not held us back.  We have provided plenty of written materials for our students designed to challenge them while we wait for Chromebooks.  We communicate regularly with   our families and participating daycares to ensure that everyone understands the daily schedule and workload.  Our current forecast is to receive our shipment of laptops in late September. We will keep you updated, of course.

We are adapting in many ways. Our hybrid model supports our students from 9am – 4 pm each day. While many grades have laptops, grades that are still waiting on technology participate in phone teleconferences with their teachers to ensure that extra help is being given. Slowly, we are introducing a hybrid model and allowing struggling students – those who have not engaged fully in the virtual space and students with individualized education plans – to meet with their teacher in person.  

Special Education students and Kindergarteners may be able to schedule in-person learning support meetings by appointment. Please contact your classroom teacher via email to discuss further.

Our teachers are up and running, using Google Classroom, worksheets and their amazing teaching energy to make this a fantastic year for all of our Green Inspiration Academy K-8 students. We will not skimp on learning time even if we aren’t together in the same classroom right now. We are dedicated to getting our GIA scholars the instruction they deserve. 

We humbly thank you for your patience as we work out our bumps in the bumpiest of roads. 2020 is testing us all. We are truly in this together! And if you know students who need a better fit for their schooling this year, send them our way! We are able to enroll even after the school year has begun. Come grow with us! 

About Green Inspiration Academy

The Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K – 8 located in the Warrensville Heights area. Our program focuses on the importance of health and wellness, provides high-quality education to students, and aims to strengthen parent-teacher-student relationships every single day. Come grow with us at Green Inspiration Academy!