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Hybrid and Other Learning Measures

Sep 29, 2020 | About GIA

At Green Inspiration Academy we are always ready to revamp to meet the needs of our students and families. Right now, as always, we emphasize equity for all Green Inspiration Academy students and we prioritize our students with the greatest needs. Not all of our students can learn virtually. Others are thriving online and truly making it work for themselves. Here’s what we are doing to further every child’s progress in our current learning landscape. 

Littlest Dragons and Those Needing In-Person Support 

We’ve adopted a hybrid pod model where some of our GIA students are learning via in-school cohorts, known as pods. A pod is a small cluster of students receiving GIA services while limiting social interaction and minimizing risk during the pandemic. While other GIA students continue to learn virtually, our students in these in-school pods have 1:1 time and small group instruction, academic support, and other needed services in our Green school buildings. 

We are focusing these pods on our students who need additional in-person help and our younger students for whom virtual learning is sometimes truly impossible. Our pods are five students or fewer who come to school one day a week. Four come on Monday and four others come on Tuesday, four others on Wednesday and still others on Thursday and Friday. 

Our pods run the same way for special education services. Our Intervention Specialists are in the building Monday- Thursday working with one to two students on IEP goals and special help.

We want to thank our dedicated staff, parents and family members for making the hybrid pod  model a success.  We want to give a huge “shout out” to families who drop their children off to GIA! You trust us, we trust you!  As partners we are truly stepping up to help our students do so very well with this online learning landscape!  

Our Middle School Dragons 

GIA middle school kids are doing better in a remote atmosphere because they’re not being distracted in the same ways. Our sixth to eighth graders are able to speak up, ask questions and to participate in group discussions online.  Our middle school teachers are reporting their middle school students are emailing, communicating and doing very well. Congratulations everyone! Way to rise to the challenge. 

GIA Dragons Overall

We are feeling how much our students love to learn and are eager for school. Our Green students are online using Google Classroom, they’re not having trouble getting in, or opening Zoom links. They’re logging in and actively engaged. For GIA kids who have laptops —  they’re at 90% attendance! This is impressive even when we are in-person. Keep it up, Dragons. You are making us all very proud. 

About Green Inspiration Academy

The Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K – 8 located in the Warrensville Heights area. Our program focuses on the importance of health and wellness, provides high-quality education to students, and aims to strengthen parent-teacher-student relationships every single day. Come grow with us at Green Inspiration Academy!