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Mental Health Matters

May 23, 2022 | General

Green Inspiration Academy (GIA) understands our students’ needs and the needs of our Greater Cleveland Community. We are in this together and partner with our community to  support full wrap-around-services in our building.

Students come to our school for a wealth of support, both academically and emotionally. That’s why, as a free public K-8 charter school, we partner with social services, outside agencies, and social workers to provide the best tools and activities to foster healthy emotional growth for our students, and to strengthen our student-guardian-teacher relationships. 

Mental health matters. And GIA is here to help. Always!

Putting Money Where Our Heart Is

We are in a mental health crisis nationally. GIA takes a big step forward in student enrichment, using Federal relief funds for initiatives to re-engage our young students and address the emotional, as well as academic, needs.

Parents, we know you are concerned about the mental health of your students as well. That’s why we are using our Federal ESSER funds wisely, to monitor and assess the social/emotional/mental health needs of our students and provide the additional programming and services we believe help address any Social Emotional Learning issues. We currently contract with social workers and local wellness organizations such as Progress with Chess, Groundworks Dance and Daybreak Yoga to teach and reinforce positive behaviors and decision making to our students. 

ESSER funds also help us partner with intervention assistance teams and other appropriate agencies as needed for the mental health and safety of our students. In consultation with Winston Consulting, our Social Workers are multi-talented professionals who help students in unique ways like art or a kickboxing class! GIA’s goal is to provide students with creative exercise in which to learn coping mechanisms. This helps students to readjust and reenter the classroom mindfully. Providing these professional services to our students is paramount to their achievements in academics and life.

Creating a Home Away From Home

Feeling safe and a sense of belonging are critical to mental health and learning. At GIA, our teachers, staff, and counselors all dedicate energy and talents to motivate and support each student. We want our school to be an inviting home away from home. Our teachers and staff receive specific training to be of such a high level of support for our students, and we are grateful for it.

At GIA, we strongly encourage students to take a break from the computer screens and mobile devices. Sometimes technology is not our best friend, as there is evidence that social media may negatively impact youth. We do invite parents to cooperate with us in useful activities that boost mental and emotional wellness. Certain teamwork activities can be a win-win for the entire family, and when exercised with a fun mindset and positive reinforcement, the benefits radiate beyond the home.

We consider our students our family too. Enrolled students at GIA can look forward to an uplifting feeling at school with dedicated, warm teachers and staff who will ask the students, “What do you need?” The student might be hungry, or need to talk, cry, etc. And whatever it is our students need, we readily provide the support and 1:1 attention necessary to move forward and focus on learning. It’s a cooperative effort, supporting everyone on GIA campus socially and emotionally. And we all have our chins up, hearts out, and spirits high. Join us. Onward. Upward. Inspired! 

About Green Inspiration Academy (GIA)

Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K–8 located in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. Our school uplifts the educational experience with a focus on mental and emotional health, unmatched education, and strong parent-teacher-student relationships, every single day. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Join us at Green Inspiration Academy!