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Onward. Upward. Inspired!

Jun 21, 2022 | General

Green Inspiration Academy (Green) supports the whole child, entire family, and our incredible teachers and staff. We’re more motivated than ever to create a brighter future. 

Let’s face it, the past two years have been challenging for students, teachers, and guardians. Green is a tuition-free public school for grades K-8 in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. And here we are, standing tall at the end of a wonderful school year, hearing messages of gratitude and hope from our students. We see this as an indication that we are truly carrying out our mission to make a difference in these young lives, making a better child every day. Feel the positive energy from our students’ comments below, and shout our slogan with us- Onward. Upward. Inspired!


“I love that the staff are nice people. They listen to what you have to say. I respect that. I feel I could talk to them about anything and they’d understand. I also like that you could dress down if you were good the whole week.” – Peyton

“What I love about going to school at Green Inspiration Academy is the staff there. The staff are very nice, supportive, and helpful. I also love the things they do at Green. They have spirit week, field day, field trips, and much more.” – Brooklyn

I’m really gonna miss Ms. Robinson, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Minniefield, Mr. J., Ms. S.,… basically everybody!” – Brielle

“What I love about going to Green Inspiration Academy is the teacher has good ways of teaching. And the staff is really nice and treats everyone equally.” – Donel

“I love the fact that the staff is so caring and understanding. I also love the way everyone is trying to get me ready for middle school and getting me out of my old habits. I also love how my teacher is always helping me out and encouraging me to do better.” – Daryl 


“This school can make you dream big. Green Inspiration has made me feel like I can put my mind to something and accomplish it.” – Raiya

“Green made me feel ready, unstoppable, and also made me feel like I have made a change in myself. When I first came I was playing around and stuff. This is my 4th year here now and I have become a new Jaylen throughout these years.” – Jaylen

“In behavior, they are very disciplined and that prepares us for the strict rules in high school.” – Alayah

“I would like to share- make sure that you know your work is done. Be respectful and smart to teachers and others. Don’t give up, try your best, and succeed.” – Mariana

“This school has made me feel more confident about putting my dreams in action.” – Erika


“Green Inspiration Academy had me inspired by my future to make me stay strong and out of drama. It also made me encourage myself a lot.” – Ashanti

“Green inspires me by helping me strive to be the best.” – Ariona

“Green made me feel inspired for my future because the way y`all teach us is not like other schools. It is better than them. And Mr. J. is getting us ready for high school because he is making us do student-taught lessons.” – Denay

“Green Inspiration Academy has made me feel inspired for my future because the teachers have a class where you talk about your future and what college, high school, and job to get. They also talk about what a good education your school should have and what you have to do to get at the top.” – Alexis

“Green made me have a good mindset and get ready to never give up. (Thank you for that)” – Lataya

The gratitude and enthusiasm is mutual, school-wide. We never give up. Our educators and staff are happy, motivated, and dedicated to the futures of our students. As a tuition-free public K-8 school serving the Greater Cleveland Area, we feel the duty to be our students’ home away from home. We are proud to support and teach the whole child, whatever it takes, to move forward and look to a brighter day, every day. Can you feel it now? Our school energy? Want to be as inspired as we are? Join us at Green Inspiration Academy, and shout our slogan with us. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Enrolling now! 

About Green Inspiration Academy (GIA)

Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K–8 located in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. Our school uplifts the educational experience with a focus on mental and emotional health, unmatched education, and strong parent-teacher-student relationships, every single day. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Join us at Green Inspiration Academy!