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P.E. is Back with Mr. Wilson!

Sep 26, 2022 | General

Did you know that Physical Education (PE) improves brain activity and reduces stress and anxiety? Good news: Green Inspiration Academy (GIA) brought PE back this year! Bringing back PE is one more reason we look forward to a brighter future at our free public K-8 school serving the Greater Cleveland area. We’re optimistic for the academic results that will follow since students who get proper exercise have fewer behavioral issues, greater attention spans, better decision-making skills, more positive attitudes, and improved test scores. 

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Kyle Wilson, our new PE teacher for what is sure to be our best year yet! We asked him a few questions so you could get to know just how inspirational he is.

In what way do you feel PE classes are making a difference for the students at Green Inspiration Academy this year?

The students who have PE right now are benefiting from the program because they are learning different exercises that increase bodily functions such as mobility, blood flow, and getting their daily amount of exercise that is needed for their development. Also, having PE has been an opportunity to have a break from the traditional classroom setting. Having PE and exercising can also translate to more focus in class, teaching discipline, and most importantly, having some fun!

What do you find inspirational about teaching at The Green Inspiration Academy?

I find it inspirational that the students understand what it means for teachers to care for them. The overall thing that has made teaching at GIA so special is starting to create positive relationships with both the students and staff. 

How do you feel GIA brings out the best in every child, every day? What role does PE play in that?

GIA staff makes it their duty to have an impact on each student, both academically and socially. This can be seen every day from greeting each student, giving out high 5’s, asking students questions so that every student feels seen and heard, all the way to our title staff being that extra resource for academic help. PE helps in this because I try to bring in the positive energy that is needed for students to get through the day and have fun, while handling business.

Green Inspiration Academy students enjoy Physical Education class with Mr. Kyle Wilson.

Why did you become a PE teacher? Who inspired you?

I became a PE teacher because I know and understand what having a black male as an educator and role model does for the development of young students of color. If a student wants to be a teacher when they grow up, being able to see black teachers in their schools can aid their confidence and give them a reason to feel that their goal is attainable. One person that inspired me is Mr. Bolden from Ginn Academy. He is an educator who has been able to sustain a long career in both excelling students academically, but also with the life knowledge and skills that are needed after we are done with school. 

Tell us about a teaching moment at GIA that made you feel like, “This is why I’m a teacher.” 

My “this is why I am a teacher” moment happens every time I see students filled with excitement and energy walking into the gym. This small amount of excitement and joy from knowing they have gym class is all I need to keep going. My overall impact is being able to give students a space that they haven’t had in a while due to America’s situation with pandemics and students missing a lot of in person school. I feel that every day I am making an impact because exercise and moving around is aiding the development of these students and I feel that they are enjoying my class so far. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

These first few weeks at GIA has been everything a first-year teacher could ask for. The staff is great, the resources are there, and the overall school culture and atmosphere has been a very positive experience for me. 

Thank you for sharing your uplifting mindset and experiences with us, Mr. Wilson! We believe we are extremely fortunate to have you at our school. You’re another reason we say with confidence that we strive to bring out the best in every child, every day at GIA.

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