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We’re Ready to GO with Green Online!

Aug 25, 2020 | Announcements

What an extraordinary few months it has been. Thank you for your patience as we navigate our GIA response to COVID 19 in real time. Green Inspiration is beginning the year with a full online learning platform for the first nine weeks of school. This is for the safety of all of our students and staff. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause and we will return to school as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile at Green Inspiration Academy, we’re ready to GO…with Green Online! 

Let’s GO! Green Online starts August 17. 

We opened August 17th to pass out laptops, textbooks, workbooks and provide online training for parents and students. Parents will pick up student computers and materials in a scheduled drive-by manner.

Our GO Live day is September 8! 

Ongoing communication is a critical element of flexible and remote learning. The following tools will be used to communicate with families: 
Communication Tool PurposeHow to Access the Tool 
GIA Website To provide updated information regarding the continuing education plan, announcements, resources and access to individual school websites and principals and teachers webpages. 
ONE CALL NOWTo provide updated information regarding the continuing education plan, announcements, resources GIA will call the telephone number on for family contact on file with the District. Please make sure the telephone that you want to receive ONE CALL is on file with Mr. Clark in pupil services.
ClassDOJOTo provide school and class specific, announcements, access Class DOJO conference/instructional times and resources Teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents up to date on student progress and classroom happenings.
Your children’s teacher will send you and invite via text or to the email address you provide.
Google Classroom The place where the teacher places assignments for students Students will follow the instructions given by the teacher for accessing Google Classroom.
ZOOM On-Line Sessions This tool will allow you to communicate directly with your child’s teacher and for your child to attend instructional sessions or receive help either online or via the telephone. Your teacher will give you a zoom link. You or the student will click on the link at the time class is to begin.
Other Tools Communication tools that might be added to the plan These will vary by teacher.
All students
Beginning the Week of August 17th-Laptops and Materials will be assigned for pick-up.
**Parents who need hotspots should notify Mr. Clark in pupil services.
VIA text or email (that you have provided to the teacher) Parents will receive a link to participate on ClassDOJO.
Once the Parent in on DOJO, the schedule for classes and homework can be seen.
Parents and students will also receive a link, username and password to log into iReady and Google Classroom.
Once everyone is set up and ready, we will go live on September 8, 2020! Student will have their schedule and will log onto classes beginning at 9:00am. They will be assigned homework and projects that are designed to last until 3:30pm (with frequent breaks). Teachers will have office hours to help students and parents in the afternoon.
All teachers will hold meetings and sessions via Zoom and other platforms to provide opportunities for interactive support and instruction.
Teachers will post a weekly lesson plans on DOJO and Google Classroom.
Principals and teachers will communicate with families regarding specific scheduling/class/work times.
Printed instructional packets will be provided for students in grades K-8 who do not have access to their laptops for any reason. A loss of chrome book or tablets will require a full replacement fee. Students will complete online lessons by the due dates as assigned by their teachers . Classroom attendance for a full day is taken by appearance online for the full amount of time and the completion of work assigned the night before.
Google Classroom · Google Classroom will be used as our main learning platform to remain connected with our students, assign, and assess work.
· Parents/Students can access Google Classroom by following the instructions for accessing Google Classroom as given by the teacher.
Tools and Books:
iReady; My Math; Journeys; Study Sync; assigned projects and Reading.
All students have access to one or more of the online learning tools listed to the left.
Parents will have a number to call if passwords or additional information is needed.

How can we make GO (Green Online) successful together? 

Data Privacy & Security During GO Remote Learning: 

Green can only ensure the safety of your child’s digital footprint and identity if he/she is using the district-approved applications listed above. The use of any other websites/applications or social media platforms is at the discretion of the parent. We strongly encourage you to monitor and read the privacy policies of any non-district approved applications to ensure that your child’s identity is properly protected. If you are unsure whether a resource is approved by Green, please contact your school. As a community, we must all remain especially vigilant about cyber-security in the weeks and months ahead. 

Roles Parents/Family Members Play in GO Remote Learning: 

· Parents/family members must encourage attending online classes; completion of homework and assigned reading! 

· Parents/Family Members should reinforce learning by encouraging students to be responsible and consistent in their work habits. 

·  Parents/family members can support learning by setting the pace, creating a physical space intended for learning, and continuing to encourage students in the absence of daily face-to-face teacher interaction.

By designating an area of the home for learning, parents can also keep an eye on progress. 

·  Noting behaviors, opportunities and barriers, allow parents/family members to adapt or adjust as necessary to create the ideal path for their child or children.  

Monitoring cell phone; facetime and school devices is very important for student safety on the internet. Also, Green has the same suspension and expulsion rules for cyber-bulling on school-owned devices.

We at GIA Will Do Our Part for GO by:

·       Delivering a strong online academic program

·       Staying in touch with families 

·       Bringing you up to date with School changes  

·       Providing resources to reduce barriers 

GO Community Support and Student Meals:

Beginning September 8, 2020, parents can pick up Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.  Information forthcoming. 

For any questions, please contact Mr. Clark; Your child’s principal or teacher via email. 

We GO Together! 

Our Green Inspiration Community is as strong as ever. April Hart, our Executive Director, is cooking up some online activities like: 

  • Coding 
  • Games
  • Art
  • S.H.E.- Ladies Etiquette 
  • Guys Night Out 
  • Girls Night Out

Activities will be posted weekly!

Reopening Plans

When it’s safe for us to reopen, Green Inspiration will be ready! We have been working around the clock to get our school buildings ready. They are squeaky clean! 

We’re your GO Partner! 

Last but not least, GIA is committed to partnering with our parents and families to provide our students with a continuation of their education, as best we can, during this difficult time without overwhelming students or their families. 

The Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K – 8 located in the Warrensville Heights area. Our program focuses on the importance of health and wellness, provides high-quality education to students, and aims to strengthen parent-teacher-student relationships every single day. Come grow with us at Green Inspiration Academy!