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What do Wraparound Services Mean to Guardians?

Aug 28, 2022 | General

Every member of the Green Inspiration Academy (GIA) team is dedicated to supporting the whole child, and collaborates to foster healthy student-teacher-guardian relationships. From emotional support to snacks, our team is responsive to and respectful of the full lives of our families and their needs. This is called providing wraparound services.

What are Wraparound Services?

A simplified explanation of wraparound services is: Services and support beyond the classroom, meeting the needs of the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of the whole child’s well-being. 

Without wraparound services, the student(s) will not be able to attend school or perform academically. GIA is a tuition-free K-8 public school in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, servicing the Greater Cleveland area. We are one of Ohio’s top performing charter schools, and we find it imperative that we provide the wraparound support students, teachers, and families need to be healthy and successful.

What Do Wraparound Services Mean To Guardians?

  • Food for thought: students perform better socially, emotionally, and academically when they are fed. Empty stomachs create distraction, irritability, and brain fog. GIA provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks every school day for our students, teachers, and families. Food is life and guardians are grateful we provide this for them.
  • Mind and Heart: Mental and Emotional health is a necessary component of life and learning journeys. Supporting our teachers with social workers and professional services to help our students mentally and emotionally makes GIA a safe place for all. Guardians take comfort in GIA being a healthy home away from home.
Green Inspiration Academy elementary students in uniform playing on a colorful playground on a sunny day.
  • Home Away From Home: As a home away from home, guardians also take advantage of our free before and after school care which offers even more emotional support every day. Students can also join clubs that keep them socially, mentally, and physically active after school. This allows many guardians the freedom and flexibility to accommodate work and career demands, knowing their children are safe and supported.

At Green Inspiration Academy, one of Ohio’s top performing charter schools, we believe in bringing out the best in every child, every day. The only way we can make that possible is by hiring the motivated, talented educators and staff we do, and by providing wraparound services to support the whole child. The more we strengthen the student-teacher-guardian relationship today, the more we improve the chances for a better tomorrow. Together let’s work towards a brighter future– we’re inspired to, are you? Enroll with us today. Onward. Upward. Inspired!

About Green Inspiration Academy (GIA)

Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K–8 located in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. Our school uplifts the educational experience with a focus on mental and emotional health, unmatched education, and strong parent-teacher-student relationships, every single day. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Join us at Green Inspiration Academy!