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Why Health and Wellness Matters at Green Inspiration Academy

May 13, 2020 | About GIA

Health and wellness are always top of mind at Green Inspiration Academy. We care deeply about our students, staff, families and guardians. That’s why when schools can re-open, we will be ready. We’ve hired professional cleaning vendors to scour the school and we can bring them in again and again to help keep us all germ-free going forward.

At GIA, we provide a robust education – with high-quality academics and a long history as a top-notch Charter School in Ohio. We spend time and energy equipping our student body with wellness via the nutritious food we make available and with the skills we instill to make healthy food choices on their own.

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But we are so much more than our stellar academic reputation, delicious menus, and two deeply cleaned campuses. We make health and wellness a focal point every day.

For us, health and wellness go hand in hand with social and emotional health. Our teachers and staff go above and beyond to let our students and their families/guardians know “we’ve got them, every single day”. This is a key commitment for us.

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We meet our kids where they are – on their wellness journeys – with our wraparound support. Our teachers provide extensive emotional and social supports, making sure our pupils have what they need to feel comfortable at school. It may be a clean uniform. Or some healthy snacks. A student may thrive after a hug from a teacher or a 1:1 meeting with the principal. Sometimes we give kids rides home from school. If there’s a way to help support our kids and families in that moment, we are up for it.

Along with our classroom lessons about social emotional learning and our wraparound support of our students and their families, we strive to maintain check-in conversations with our students. We want them to know how important they are to us and how vital it is to share, empathize with, and trust others.

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We sponsor Anti-Bullying Weeks and incorporate character-building into everything we do – like lessons about integrity alongside skills drills during basketball. Our SHE – Soaring to Heights of Excellence – etiquette classes not only teach our GIA girls how to set a table and to sew, it’s also a time to learn to walk with heads held high. And our Character Camp is a two-week introduction to how we behave at school, teaching structure and discipline, that our students at both schools take with them to every aspect of their lives.

We believe in the power of community. We reach out to our Warrensville Heights neighbors to help foster even deeper understanding of social and emotional learning. We are visited by social workers from Beech Brook and MRDQ and we bring in members of our community service centers to help advocate and support our GIA families.

And GIA’s culture of health and wellness is truly wrap-around. Not only will we do whatever is needed to support our students, their guardians and families. Every single one of us on staff – from teachers to secretaries, custodians to coaches, principals and office staff and our Education Director – are ALL committed to the health and wellness of our entire GIA family.

The Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K – 8 located in the Warrensville Heights area. Our program focuses on the importance of health and wellness, provides high-quality education to students, and aims to strengthen parent-teacher-student relationships every single day. Come grow with us at Green Inspiration Academy!