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Why Settle? Welcome to GIA!

Aug 19, 2022 | General

Why settle for a K-8 school that doesn’t fit your student’s needs? As one of Ohio’s Top Performing Charter Schools, Green Inspiration Academy (GIA) welcomes your students with open hearts. It’s important to note that you can switch schools at any time. GIA is a tuition-free public K-8 charter school serving the Greater Cleveland area- students receive quality education and wraparound services without a hefty price tag. Let us share more about how GIA stands out above and beyond other schools.

Devotion & Retention

Our motivated and talented leaders strive to bring out the best in every child every day. We also have an unusually high teacher retention rate, unlike the state statistics report. We give our teachers the freedom to teach, and they devote their passion for education and student success in their long term careers at GIA. We are forever grateful, as are the students:

“What I love about this school is the amazing teachers and all of the fun things we get to do.” – Erika 

“The thing I love about going to this school is how they treat the other kids and how to calm them down when something happens or they are going through problems or stress. I also like how well they teach us and go step by step.” – Ashanti

 Green Inspiration Academy Mathematics whizzes stand like champions at a Math Hoops competition.

High 8th Grade to High School Placement Rates

We care so much about high school readiness, we have a dedicated team of staff called our “High School Readiness Team” led by Mr. Clark. He explains how GIA prepares students for upper grades in another blog- we asked some GIA students their thoughts.

“I feel Green Inspiration Academy prepares us for upper grades because first they help you succeed in life and also teach you what you’re going to be learning when you go in upper grades. They give you life lessons and help you when you need help with things.” – Mariana

“GIA gives you a better education than other schools. It also teaches you discipline and how to work hard. Having various courses that are so in depth has challenged me. My desire is to be a lawyer or a therapist. By challenging me so intensely has shown me that in order to reach my goals I need to reach beyond what I feel l can do.” – Daryl

“GIA inspires many students for their future and reminds them that they can do anything with the right mindset. For example, the staff at GIA help you in the best ways possible to make you go on to the next grade, and get into schools like Harvard, St. Martin, and many other AMAZING schools. GIA makes me feel like I can conquer anything I want with the right spirit and encouragement. – Brooklyn

Close Relationships = Home Away From Home

We are family at GIA. Our intimate school setting allows for small class sizes, close student-teacher-family relationships, and a lot of whole child, whole family support. From emotional support to snacks, our team is responsive to and respectful of the full lives of our families and their needs. Consider GIA a home away from home, a far cry from the larger institutions.

Social Emotional Learning for Everyone

We welcomed the incredibly inspirational Ms. Boyd as our new principal, and she is implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for every grade, every day. Also, from third to sixth grade our students will be receiving character education, which is learning how to be of good character, learning how to represent yourself, being responsible, and respectful.

Cultural Awareness Infusion

We live in a small world, accessible more than ever by technology. In this modern world, it’s important for our students to understand cultures across the globe. At GIA we infuse cultural awareness into our curriculum to prepare our students for a bright future, anywhere and everywhere they choose to thrive. 

The future is bright and we take our responsibility to develop brilliant future leaders quite lovingly. We invite you to visit our tuition-free public K-8 charter school and get the full understanding of how we strive to bring out the best in every child, every day. It’s not too late to join our family. Enroll with us today! 

Onward. Upward. Inspired!

About Green Inspiration Academy (GIA)

Green Inspiration Academy is a free public charter school for grades K–8 located in Warrensville Heights, serving the Greater Cleveland area. Our school uplifts the educational experience with a focus on mental and emotional health, unmatched education, and strong parent-teacher-student relationships, every single day. Onward. Upward. Inspired! Join us at Green Inspiration Academy!